Need to file an actos lawsuit? Contact williams kherkher today at 800-641-9810. Home about us attorneys actos bladder cancer faqs articles contact us home > articles > male sexual complications from radical cystectomy male sexual complications from radical cystectomy when a person’s bladder cancer becomes too advanced, the best option to save the victim’s life may be to perform a radical cystectomy. what does female viagra do for women A radical cystectomy is a major bladder cancer surgery in which a person’s bladder and nearby organs are removed. This includes the prostate and other sexual organs in men. The prescription type 2 diabetes drug actos has been shown to increase the risk of bladder cancer in people who take it regularly. generic viagra canada If you have taken actos and now suffer from bladder cancer, the actos lawsuit attorneys of williams kherkher can help you seek financial compensation for your medical costs and other related expenses. Contact us at 800-641-9810 to learn more about how our experienced actos lawyers can help you. viagra without a prescription canada Sexual side effects for men because a radical cystectomy often costs a man his prostate and other important sexual structures, it can have a major adverse effect on his sexual life. Men who are forced to undergo this surgery to save their lives commonly suffer from erectile dysfunction after the procedure. For some men, it can last as little as a week, while others report a permanent inability achieve an erection. Additionally, if the seminal vesicles are removed during the radical cystectomy, men may also be unable to release sperm during orgasm. cheap viagra online This is because the seminal vesicles produce the seminal fluid that carries the sperm out of the body. Contact us if you’ve taken actos and have since developed bladder cancer, the actos class action lawsuit attorneys of williams kherkher can help you hold the negligent pharmaceutical company accountable for the injuries it has caused you. To learn more about how our dedicated actos lawyers can help you through this difficult time, call our offices today at 800-641-9810. Name phone email comments by submitting this form, you certify that you agree to our terms and conditions and wish to be contacted regarding your inquiry. viagra taken by healthy men Williams kherkher represents clients across the country. viagra for sale Click here to learn more. buy cheap viagra Home  |  about us  |  attorneys  |  actos  |  bladder cancer  |  faqs  |  articles  |  press release  |  contact us  |  blog  |   log in copyright ©2007-2010 williams kherkher. Attorneys are licensed. viagra online coupon